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The Zoe Report Leaves a Hint Regarding HOCl

In this article by The Zoe Report’s Jessica Ourisman, beauty and wellness editor, she discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and recommends use of Briotech-brand hypochlorous acid.

The Zoe Report
May 21, 2020

What Being An Ex-Pat in Paris is Like During a Pandemic
"Statistics indicate that the vast majority of COVID patients do not become critical and many are able to recover from home; fortunately, Tom ended up being one of those patients. By the week of our flights, he was already completely recovered. We scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss safety while traveling (hint: layer your masks and look into a hypochlorous acid face mist from a brand like Briotech...," says Jessica Ourisman, expat and beauty and wellness editor in Paris during COVID-19.

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