Briotech is a world-class manufacturer of pure, novel, stabilized hypochlorous (HOCl) and a pioneer of innovation for the creation of the world’s first geographically dispersed HOCl manufacturing networks, BrioWHISH® Systems.

As the global leader of the HOCl industry, we specialize in the production of hypochlorous formulations tailored for specific markets, including disinfection, health, cosmetic, and pet care, and in our quest to make HOCl universally available for improved care, we partner with communities around the globe to facilitate local production of reliable BrioHOCl™ through our WHISH Systems.

"BrioHOCl is a highly purified formulation of hypochlorous, which immune cells produce naturally to kill microbes."National Institutes of Health, NIH [Source].

This statement defines the Gold Standard that Briotech has set for the industry as a major HOCl manufacturer that can satisfy global need with highly purified formulations that have set benchmarks for exceptional kill power, remarkably fast kill times, extended shelf-life stability, thermal potency in extreme temperatures, and limitless production capacity.

Briotech's unprecedented breakthroughs have pushed the science of HOCl forward and have given way to game-changing advancements that make a profound impact on global health.


Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is naturally produced and released within white blood cells as a key component of the internal defense system, working to kill pathogens (including viruses, bacteria, and fungus), fight against infection, reduce inflammation, control responses to injury, and enhance the healing process.

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