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From Acne to Ebola — Briotech Feature in The Herald

Briotech’s founder and CEO, Dan Terry, creates a disinfectant that has been found to kill the Mad Cow virus and other pathogens.

The Herald Business Journal
February 02, 2017

Woodinville Company's Breakthrough is Surprising

Dan Terry is out to change the world. Or at least rid it of deadly germs, viruses and fungi that kill millions every year.

How? With hypochlorous acid, known as HOCl, that mimics the human body’s response to wounds and invading microbes.

Medical science has long known about the wondrous ways of HOCl and inventors have long sought to duplicate its germ-fighting power with just the right mix of chemicals.

Replicating the body’s HOCl into a pure and stable solution as a low-cost liquid disinfectant has been the challenge. Mass producing HOCl and distributing it at an affordable price is the goal of Terry and his company, Briotech, Inc., based in Woodinville, just south of the Snohomish-King county line.

He envisions the spray could be used in health-care facilities, restaurants, cruise ships, water parks, any place where many people interact in a potential breeding ground for infectious diseases that are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

A mechanical engineer and inventor with a track record of patents over 30 years, Terry says he set out to “stop the spread of pathogens and literally change the discussion of health sanitation and healing of the world. There are no antibiotics left on the planet that haven’t failed.”

Briotech’s HOCl formula, called BrioHOCl, has yet to be scientifically tested on an array of the most prevalent, problematic pathogens that infect food, such as salmonella, listeria, e.coli O157:H7 or norovirus.

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