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Battling Deadly Proteins
Briotech teams up with UW Bothell to open new avenues of research into preventing dementia and destroying pathogens that threaten global health.

UW Bothell Magazine
Winter 2017

Alumni Join Professor in Battling Deadly Proteins That Can Cause Alzheimer's and Other Diseases
Two dedicated UW Bothell School of STEM grads and their professor teamed up with a visionary Woodinville biotech company to tackle a rare but deadly health care issue: the spread of diseases caused by abnormal proteins that affix themselves to medical instruments.

Prion proteins can multiply out of control in the brain. They are nearly impossible to destroy by methods typically used to disinfect instruments. But Woodinville’s Briotech devised a solution that has now been proven pure, stable and effective with the help of Lori Robins, associate professor in chemistry, and two of her former students, Luis Contreras and Virkamal Dhaliwal.

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