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USA Today Special Edition Feature: Briotech, Proven Purity
Briotech's proven purity and effectiveness as an alternative to outdated, aerosolized chemicals is highlighted in this USA Today Special Edition, Year in Defense.

USA Today Special Edition: Year in Defense 2021
 December 17, 2020

USA Today: Briotech Proven Purity
Briotech's pure, active ingredient is hypochlorous acid (HOCl) — in nature, HOCl is produced in all mammals to fight infections, promote healing, and reduce  inflammation. It is 80-100x stronger than bleach! 

Briotech manufactures HOCl using best-in-class proprietary technology that produces a potent, scalable, and stable pure-form HOCl formulation. Because HOCl is natural it is an effective alternative to outdates, aerosolized chemicals.

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