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Seattle Seahawk Legend Walter Jones Signs with Briotech
“Briotech can help give facilities, teams and fans peace of mind that wherever Briotech products are used, people will feel a sense of security,” Walter Jones assures.

Briotech is thrilled to announce its new Affiliate association with Seattle Seahawks Legend "Big Walt" — Walter Jones!

NorthAmericaTalk Digital Media | WhatcomTalk Article
February 05, 2021

Seattle Seahawk Legend Walter Jones Teams With Washington-Based Briotech To Give You a COVID-Fighting Tool Kit
What does this Pro Football Hall of Famer, NFL Top 100, and former Seattle Seahawk Left Tackle, Walter Jones, and a start-up cosmetic company, Briotech, have in common? The same game plan we all do: To get back to normal, or at least a new normal, in our fight against COVID-19.

While Walter Jones was working to find comfortable mask options, a small start-up cosmetic company in a 10,000-square-foot building in Woodinville, Washington, happened to be working on an eco-friendly, health-conscious disinfectant, made of HOCl.

Walter Jones was immediately interested when he heard about the COVID-19 killing disinfectant from an employee of the company. “She introduced me to the mask spray when I was first working on the mask line,” Jones explains. “I loved the mask spray, but I wasn’t quite ready to launch the B2Edi masks at the time.” However, he was definitely ready to sign on as an affiliate with Briotech after trying it himself. “I tried Briotech’s Disinfectant and I liked it. I started using it in my home daily and I use it in the room where I fold all my merchandise. I believe in the product and I believe in the company.”

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