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Briotech Webinar with Dr. Christine Schaffner
Briotech Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jeff Williams, and Dr. Christine Schaffner of the Sophia Health Institute, present an educational webinar reviewing published studies and examining research on utilizing all natural hypochlorous (HOCl) to address oral health, skin and other medical issues.

The Sophia Health Institute
May 01, 2019

Hypochlorous Solution (HOCl): A Natural Fit for Oral Health & Many Other Medical Needs
The interesting thing, as you’ll come to learn about hypochlorous, is that it’s very much a kind of two-edged sword bringing to bear infection control but also triggering a response to the injury. This is where the whole story of hypochlorous gets really interesting and I think you’ll appreciate it as you see the presentation develop. 

I’m going to give you some examples of that as we go through—general examples of how hypochlorous aids in the repair and restoration process—but let’s finish with a few specifics about oral health and how hypochlorous fits in the management of oral health. I imagine a lot of people who are listening today will be aware that it’s becoming pretty obvious that oral health is a terrific indicator of system health, that it can be a source of serious system problems and therefore, attention to oral health—improvement of oral health—can be a key to a healthy life, and we’ll talk about how to use it (HOCl) for that purpose in oral health care.

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