AUGUST 03, 2021

Health Essentials, Cleveland Clinic | Article

What is Hypochlorous Acid? And Why Should You Use it?

A tough-sounding acid that’s a superhero in the fight against COVID-19 and gentle enough to use on your face to treat acne? It might sound like the stuff of comic book legend, but it’s real and ready for your medicine cabinet.

The buzz surrounding hypochlorous acid (HOCl) grew by leaps and bounds over the past year given its verified power as a disinfectant against COVID-19. The hard-core cleaner, however, is also gaining marquee status as an über-sensitive skin care product.

How hypochlorous acid benefits your skin: Skin is incredibly tough and durable – a necessity given its role as an outer barrier protecting your inner workings. That front-line role, however, leaves your skin vulnerable to cuts, scrapes and all the bad stuff it’s working to keep out.

Dr. Khetarpal says that HOCl offers your besieged skin a little backup by working to:

  • Fight bacteria that causes clogged pores and acne.

  • Speed up wound healing and repair damage.

  • Combat inflammation and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

The best part, though? HOCl is nontoxic and handles this hard work while being incredibly mild on your skin. That gentleness is a byproduct of it being naturally produced by your body’s immune system.

“It’s great for sensitive skin,” notes Dr. Khetarpal. “It’s not going to give you the dryness, burning or irritation of other products [such as alcohol].”


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JUNE 24, 2021

Edge Media Network | Article
Briotech is featured in Edge Media Network's Style and Grooming section.

Summer Skincare and the Secret of HOCl

While many of us are cautiously optimistic as vaccinations roll out and businesses reopen, we've all felt a fundamental shift in how we take care of our bodies. Our skin, in particular, has taken a beating. And with Summer upon us and layers of sunscreen and other protectants, a high-quality skin spray is essential as part of a daily skincare regiment.

Briotech is a one-stop-shop for common skincare woes from head to toe. A global leader in the production of Pure HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid), the brand offers a collection of products that harnesses the power of this essential part of the human defense system by using cutting-edge technology to produce and stabilize it for home use. And after more than a year of masks and other skin irritants, Briotech's Topical Skin Spray is simple and effective in calming angry skin as a daily pore-refining toner, an anti-aging remedy in support of fine line and scar reduction and as a refreshing, hydrating mist.

Because of its versatility, HOCl can be optimized for a wide range of applications from formulations for sanitization and disinfection, to fog air cleansing, and even for oral hygiene mouthwash. With Summer upon us, Topical Skin Spray by Briotech is, perhaps, one of the most useful products trending right now:




JUNE 24, 2021

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2021 World Microbe Forum | Presentation
Briotech presents at the World Microbe Forum, an American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and Federation of European Microbiology Societies (FEMS) Collaboration.


Comparison Of HOCl And HOBr For Efficacy Of Inactivation Of Scrapie Prions, MS2 Bacteriophage And Various Microbes. Lori I. Robins, Andy G. Hughson, Kachi Isiofia, Byron Caughey, Erika K. Keim, J. Scott Meschke, Jose Santiago-Santiago, Jeffrey F. Williams. University of Washington Bothell; Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases, Rocky Mountain Laboratories NIAID NIH; University of Washington Seattle, Briotech Incorporated.

Expectations of chemical decontamination measures for medical instrumentation and surfaces in hospitals have been eroded by accumulating evidence that certain commonly used formulations are not reliably effective for the full spectrum of contemporary infection control challenges (e.g., HPV, infectious proteins, Candida auris).  Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has been shown to rapidly inactivate infectious prions and MS2 bacteriophage.  However, hypobromous acid (HOBr) containing mixtures have been reported to be more potent biocides.  To directly compare the biological properties of HOCl and HOBr we characterized the hypohalous acids using analytical spectroscopy and spectrophotometry prior to their use.  HOCl and HOBr were tested for efficacy against Scrapie Prions, MS2 bacteriophage, E. coli, S. aureus­ and A. niger.

Characterization of HOCl and HOBr Solution
Figure 1.  Characterization of HOCl and HOBr by UV-Visible and Raman spectroscopy at 22 °C.  A.  UV-Vis spectra of 147 ppm HOCl at pH 3.7, -OCl at pH 11.8 and a mixture of HOCl and -OCl at pH 7.0 .  B.   UV-VIS spectra of HOCl (pH 4.0, 3.0 mM),  HOBr (pH 6.2, 3.0 mM) , and OBr- (pH 11.8, 3.0 mM).  C.  Raman spectra of HOCl (5.3 mM).  D.  Raman spectra of HOBr (1.8 mM).



  • HOCl and HOBr are detected at 728 and 626 cm-1 by Raman Spectroscopy

  • No other chlorine compounds are detectable

Stability of HOCl and HOBr Solution

Figure 2.  Stability of HOCl.  A.  Pseudo first order plot of the temperature dependence of HOCl at 22 °C, pHinitial = 4; 52 °C, pHinitial = 4; 70 °C, pHinitial = 4; and 70 °C, pHinitial = 7.   B.  ORP measurements of HOCl solutions at 22 °C, pHinitial = 4; 52 °C, pHinitial = 4; 70 °C, pHinitial = 4; and 70 °C, pHinitial = 7. C.  pH values of HOCl solutions at 22 °C, pHinitial = 4; 52 °C, pHinitial = 4; 70 °C, pHinitial = 4; and 70 °C, pHinitial = 7.


Figure 3.  Stability of HOBr.  B.  UV-Visible spectroscopy for HOBr at 22 °C over 9 days; C.  UV-Visible spectra measured at 260 nm of HOBr at 22 °C for 4 h. 


  • Whereas HOCl remained stable for the period of study (6months ) HOBr is very short lived (hours) at RT

  • The ORP and pH of HOCl remained constant over the period of study

  • A slight decrease in concentration of active chlorine <20% is seen at elevated temperature

Efficacy of HOCl and HOBr Against Microbes, MS2 Bacteriophage and Scrapie Prions

Figure 4.  Antimicrobial efficacy comparison of HOBr and HOCl.  A.  E. coli, 20 s exposure.    B.  S. aureus, 40 s exposure. C. A. niger, 40 s exposure.  HOBr = blue; HOCl = black.

Figure 5. Mean Log10 Reduction values (±SD) disinfection of dried MS2 bacteriophage on stainless steel coupons at varied concentrations of HOCl and HOBr after 5 minutes of contact time. 



  • HOBr is more effective than HOCl against MS2, E. coli and S. aureus

  • HOCl is more effective against A. niger

  • HOBr and HOCl had similar efficacies against Scrapie Prions after 5 minutes of incubation with HOCl in the RT-QuIC assay.

  • These results are likely due to differences in the reactivity of the two hypohalous acids and their relative abilities to modify key compounds affecting  survival of the microbial targets studied.



JUNE 03, 2021

2021 OSAP Virtual Conference | Presentation
Hypochlorous Acid and Oral Healthcare: New Findings Make for a New Role.


Briotech Chief Science Officer, Jeffrey F. Williams, PhD, BVSc, MRCVS, and Briotech Director of Chemistry, Professor Lori I. Robins, PhD, BS, present breakthrough findings on Hypochlorous Acid and Oral Healthcare at the Organization for Safety Asepsis Prevention (OSAP) 2021 Virtual Conference. OSAP is an international oral healthcare conference to discuss current and emerging issues related to infection prevention and safety in oral healthcare settings and is dentistry's global resource for infection control and safety information. 


MAY 27, 2021


Better Together with Maria Menounos |  Los Angeles, CA
Maria Menounos shares her success with Briotech's line of pure HOCl products. Maria is an Emmy-Winning Journalist and New York Times Best Selling Author who has served as TV correspondent for Today & Access Hollywood and host of Extra and E! News. She is currently the CEO of the online podcast series network, AfterBuzz TV, and hosts the podcast "Better Together with Maria Menounos". 


MARCH 05, 2021

ThurstonTalk | Article
BrioEarth donates Briotech products to support schools and is proud to provide some much needed peace of mind to teachers and students alike in these times.

Briotech Sanitizers Keep Teachers and Students Feeling Safe in the Classroom 

"After a long year of remote learning, many schools are starting the slow, careful journey to reopening. But somethings we’ve learned during COVID-19 are here to stay. Increased cleanliness standards, including frequent handwashing and/or sanitizer use keep teachers and students safe. But not all sanitizing products are equal. Locally, Washington’s Briotech is helping schools spread knowledge, not germs.


Research from the CDC and the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine show how many cleaning products use harsh chemicals like bleach, alcohol and ammonias, which can cause damage to the lungs, chemical burns or other health problems (source). Instead, Briotech uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl)-based materials that are natural, contain only three organic ingredients, and are both pure and eco-friendly.”




MAY 04, 2021

Health.com | Article

Briotech is featured in Health's Beauty and Skincare section.

What is Hypochlorous Acid — and Why Should You Be Adding It to Your Skincare Routine Right Now?
You might be familiar with salicylic acid for acne, glycolic acid for exfoliation, and hyaluronic acid for hydration, but what about the buzzy ingredient, hypochlorous acid? While the ingredient isn't exactly new, it's gained traction during the pandemic, thanks to its disinfecting properties.

And the hype is real: Not only does hypochlorous acid act as an anti-inflammatory for skin conditions and wound care, but it also has been proven effective against Covid-19. Curious to learn more about hypochlorous acid? Read on for what experts have to say about the versatile, good-for-your-skin ingredient.

Quick skin conditions lesson: "Skin that is susceptible to skin conditions, like eczema or acne, harbors more bacteria and therefore is prone to more infections," says Dr. Friedler. The anti-inflammatory effects of hypochlorous acid makes it useful for fighting breakouts, soothing skin, and repairing damage. HOCl breaks up the bacteria groupings, which can lead to fewer flare ups and offer healing, she adds.

If you have sensitive skin and are cautious about introducing new ingredients into your routine, you don't have to worry about HOCl. Because hypochlorous acid is naturally-occurring in the body, it is non-irritating and an ideal treatment for all skin types, points out Dr. Schlessinger. Not to mention, it can address itchiness and reduce redness and flaking of the skin due to eczema, psoriasis, or acne, adds Dr. Friedler.

Since hypochlorous acid kills bacteria that leads to infections (like staph), it also speeds up the healing process, says Dr. Madfes. In dermatology, it's most commonly used post-procedure, such as after microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser treatments."




MARCH 02, 2021

Edge Media Network | Article
Briotech is featured in Edge Media Network's Health and Fitness section.

Keeping Clean Could Be Deadly: Briotech's Solution to Pandemic-Era Disinfection

Our "new normal" includes scanning the Internet and your local store shelves for disinfecting wipes, sprays and cleaners. But most people don't realize that the same ingredients used to kill bacteria and viruses can also do severe damage to our bodies. Briotech, a global leader in HOCl technology and manufacturing, has created a multi-use product line with game-changing technologies in health and disinfection.


What the HOCl? You don't need to be a scientist to understand HOCl or how it works, but you may score smarty-pants points on your next socially distant coffee date. Our bodies actually generate HOCl within white blood cells to fight infection, promote healing and reduce inflammation....HOCl has flown under the radar for decades for several reasons. Companies couldn't patent the manufacturing technology, nor were there the computing capabilities for large-scale production. BrioHOCl is the world's first and only authenticated pure, stable and scalable HOCl.”




FEBRUARY 05, 2021

ThurstonTalk | Article
Briotech announces new Affiliate Association with Seattle Seahawks Legend "Big Walt" — Walter Jones, Pro Football Hall of Famer, NFL Top 100, and former Seattle Seahawks Left Tackle.

Seattle Seahawks Legend Walter Jones Teams With Washington-Based Briotech to Give You a COVID-Fighting Tool Kit

"Walter Jones was immediately interested when he heard about the COVID-19 killing disinfectant from an employee of the company. “She introduced me to the mask spray when I was first working on the mask line,” Jones explains. “I loved the mask spray, but I wasn’t quite ready to launch the B2Edi masks at the time.” However, he was definitely ready to sign on as an affiliate with Briotech after trying it himself. “I tried Briotech’s Disinfectant and I liked it. I started using it in my home daily and I use it in the room where I fold all my merchandise. I believe in the product and I believe in the company.”

Bringing Back Game Days: Everyone wants to get to a new normal including opening businesses and having events, especially sports. One of the keys to getting fans back into the seats is being able to disinfect, not just after everyone leaves, but during the games. Since it’s all-natural, HOCl is okay to use around the elderly, kids, even pets. That makes it a great choice for use at sporting events. “We’ve been approached by stadiums all over the country because they can use this with fans around,” says Wiens. “We are hoping we can help get sports and crowds happening again.” 

Walter Jones agrees. “The Briotech building is probably the safest/cleanest place you can be in,” he says. “Briotech can help give facilities, teams and fans peace of mind that wherever Briotech products are used, people will feel a sense of security.”




DECEMBER 23, 2020

PR Newswire | Article
New Address: 14120 NE 200th St, Woodinville WA 98072
Briotech, Inc. announces manufacturing expansion to meet demand for its BrioHOCl® and BrioWHISH™ (patent pending) Networked Production Systems.

Briotech, Inc. Expands to 82,000 SF Class-A Wesmar Building in Woodinville

Briotech, Inc. announced it has finalized its move into a new corporate office and manufacturing facility to support the growth in demand of Briotech's line of Pure HOCl products. In addition to its flagship product, Briotech Topical Skin Spray, Briotech produces Super Oxidized Saline for oral use, and an EPA approved Multi Surface Sanitizer + Disinfectant effective against coronavirus (the novel SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus that causes COVID-19).

"Through the support of our amazing customers, commercial and financial partners, talented staff, and our ongoing shareholder support, our company has grown so quickly this year that we have moved twice—once in February, to a functionally 2x larger space, and again this fall to this 6x larger facility where we continue to increase HOCl production and bottling capacity for our personal care, and cleaning and disinfection product lines. In addition, the BrioWHISH Network Systems that we build here in Woodinville accommodate the production of millions of gallons per day, or more, on a global basis." said Rick Lockett, CEO of Briotech.  "




DECEMBER 22, 2020

ThurstonTalk | Article
Briotech's Humanitarian Division, BrioEarth, supports local non-profit, Build A Bus Home, in their efforts toward providing hygiene needs to the homeless.

Mission Nonprofit Spotlight: Build A Bus Home

Since 2018, Build A Bus Home has been working in Thurston County to create solutions to give residents basic human needs. A team of volunteers is at the core of their work. Lisa Gillotti started the nonprofit with just a $1.76. “We had a vision to bring homes to low-income individuals in Thurston County,” she explains. “People like myself that needed a place to live where they could be mobile, that they could maybe live in a park together.”

$1.37 of that went to buying the buildabushome.org domain name. Since then, it has grown into an organization that converts buses into homes for low-income residents of Thurston County as well as helping meet other basic human needs, especially hygiene.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene needs moved to the forefront and they began concentrating on their 
Clean Up Bus & Shower Trailer (CUBSS) program that began in 2019. “Right now, we’re partnering with several church organizations to bring this much needed service to the community,” She says. “People are coming in and are so excited to be there. And what we want to do is to create a community of people coming together, learning about the different agencies around town, getting different services all in one place, so that’s the overall goal.”

Due to COVID-19, they have converted half of the showers into changing areas, to keep the 6-foot social distancing protocol. Everything is cleaned between each use with soap and water and Briotech, which inactivates COVID-19. Briotech, a company in Woodinville, Washington, provides their products for free."




DECEMBER 17, 2020

USA Today | Article
Briotech is featured in USA Today's A Year in Defense 2021

USA Today Special Edition, A Year In Defense

"Briotech's pure, Active Ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) — in nature, HOCl is produced in all mammals to fight infections, promote healing, and reduce inflammation. It is 80-100x stronger than bleach! 

Briotech manufactures HOCl using best-in-class proprietary technology that produces a potent, scalable, and stable pure-form HOCl formulation. Because HOCl is natural it is an effective alternative to outdates, aerosolized chemicals.




DECEMBER 16, 2020

PR Newswire | Article
Briotech, Inc. announces Distribution to Romania of Briotech Pure Hypochlorous for use on the Novel Coronavirus.

Briotech, Inc. Announces New Distribution Agreement for BrioHOCl® and BrioWHISH™ in Romania as part of its European Expansion

Briotech, Inc. announced a distribution agreement with Intermodeco 2004 SRL, for the country of Romania. Intermodeco will begin distribution of imported Briotech Pure Hypochlorous (HOCl) product and then quickly transition to in-country manufacturing using Briotech's  new BrioWHISH System as part of its global network. Pure Hypochlorous has received Romanian EU Standard Approval for use as a hand disinfectant, a surface disinfectant, and virucide effective against the novel SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus that causes COVID-19."




DECEMBER 16, 2020

S5 Solutions | Article
Briotech partners with S5, Engineering Creative Solutions, to advance global progress of BrioWHISH (World HOCl Initiative for Sustainable Health) Systems. 

S5 Solutions Helped Create an HOCl Production Control System for COVID-19 Disinfection

Under a production time pressure squeeze, Briotech called in the S5 team to assist with software development and coordination with its cloud-enabled HOCl-producing machine, the BrioWHISH, that would be shipped globally with data-sharing and monitoring back at company headquarters in Washington State.


The Briotech/S5 Solutions teams’ recent accomplishments aren’t the end of the story. Briotech plans on developing a more portable, consumer-focused product for communities in need with capabilities for clean water and power sources in addition to the Whish existing sanitization features. “We’re really looking to elevate to a humanitarian product in the future and S5 Solutions will definitely help in that,” said Wiens. S5 Solutions is proud to be a partner with innovators like Briotech and looks forward to future collaborations in improving communities around the world.


[Briotech's] sustainable business model results provides turnkey production system capable of making their product in a small portable appliance -- essentially a portable factory they call a "WHISH." Just feed it power, water, and salt, and the produces some of the purest HOCl available."




DECEMBER 13, 2020

ThurstonTalk | Article
Briotech's Humanitarian Division, BrioEarth, supports local non-profit, Build A Bus Home, in their efforts toward providing hygiene to those in need.

Build-A-Bus Home’s Clean Up Bus & Shower Trailer Provide Free Hot Showers in Olympia to Those in Need

"The gift of a free, hot shower is available each Tuesday for anyone needing one. Build-A-Bus Home’s Clean Up Bus & Shower Trailer (CUBSS) is being hosted by Unity of Olympia on the westside. Available from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the shower and hygiene stations provide safe, clean and welcoming facilities. The mobile unit is a trailer previously owned by DNR (Department of Natural Resources) that used to shower up to 1,500 firefighters a day. Lisa Gillotti, Build-A-Bus-Home’s founder and director, is on-site with continuous organization and energy to advance their projects...

The goal of Build-A-Bus-Home’s Mobile Hygiene Infrastructure Program (MHIP) is to serve as many people as possible and make all services as barrier free as possible. The needs within our community are best addressed with compassion and preparedness. Problems don’t disappear by being ignored. The purpose is threefold:


  • To improve the quality of life, health and self-esteem

  • To reduce demands on public and private services

  • To improve health, job, income, housing and service outcomes.

The project is generously supported by Briotech, a Woodinville-based company that manufactures pure hypochlorous acid formulations. Briotech is the world leader of HCOL production. The spray is proficient at killing bacteria and many viruses and is safe to spritz on your face and onto your hands and all other surfaces. Individual sized products are provided at no cost to the shower project."




OCTOBER 28, 2020

University of Washington Bothell | Article
UW Bothell research continues partnership with BRIOTECH to improve sanitation in developing regions of the world.

Reduce Latrine Odors, Improve Global Sanitation

Research conducted largely by University of Washington Bothell undergraduates found that a disinfectant produced by a Woodinville, Washington, company can neutralize latrine odors, a development that has the potential to improve sanitation for millions of people in developing parts of the world.


The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene recently published the research. Lori Robins, an associate professor in the School of STEM, led her students in collaboration with students in the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences at the UW in Seattle. The research was conducted with support of Briotech, the maker of a pure and stable form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a safe disinfectant-antiseptic also known as electrolyzed water.

Briotech previously teamed up with UW Bothell on research that helped prove its HOCl effective against prions, which are believed responsible for some dementia disorders such as Mad Cow Disease. This time, Briotech’s Chief Scientific Officer Jeff Williams worked with the students to see if they could make using a latrine less disgusting.


The World Health Organization says countries where open defection is most common have the highest number of deaths of children under 5 and the highest levels of malnutrition and poverty. The United Nations observes Nov. 19 as World Toilet Day to raise awareness of the 4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also calls it a massive task and has sponsored a Reinvent the Toilet Challenge."



OCTOBER 22, 2020

MENAFN | Article
Briotech is featured in Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENAFN).

Briotech Announces EPA Disinfectant approval for its HOCl and inclusion on the EPA & CDC List N
This amazing molecule HOCL, a.k.a. hypochlorous acid, has gotten a new twist. The EPA & CDC List N identifies the Disinfectants that are effective for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).


"Briotech's addition to the N List is another validation of potency and its effectiveness as a key tool in the reopening of schools, businesses, sports arenas, restaurants & other institutions" — Dr. Eric Rasmussen, Chief Medical Officer at Briotech WOODINVILLE, WA, USA, October 2, 2020 / EINPresswire.com / -- Briotech, an innovator in the global manufacturing of a pure, authentic, stabilized form of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) disinfectant , has announced approval of its EPA Listed (93108-1) product sold in the Briotech brand as a Disinfectant and has been approved by the EPA and added to List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) ."




OCTOBER 01, 2020

Woodinville, Washington | USA

Briotech Multi-Surface Sanitizer has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, Briotech Multi-Surface Sanitizer can be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Feline calicivirus, Strain F-9 (norovirus surrogate) on hard, non-porous surfaces. EPA Registration #93108-1. Click here to visit EPA Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19).



SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

PR Newswire | Article
Investment will fund increased manufacturing, R&D and product line expansions of pioneering disinfectant. “Briotech’s pioneering form of HOCI is a breakthrough in public health that is fighting disease and infection around the globe through natural, pure and contaminant-free disinfection,” said Dan Terry, founder, and executive chairman of Briotech. “Decathlon Capital’s investment will bring more of this powerful product to market during a particularly critical moment in public health.”

Briotech Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment from Decathlon Capital as HOCl Disinfectant Demand Soars

Briotech, an innovator in the global manufacturing of a pure, authentic, stabilized form of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) products, including sanitizers, disinfectants, cleansers, skin care solutions and dental care products, has announced a multi-million-dollar investment by Decathlon Capital Partners.

The investment comes as Briotech ramps up production to meet surging global demand for its sanitizers and disinfectant due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Briotech is also in a product development cycle and will release several new disinfectant product solutions to the marketplace in the U.S. and abroad, meeting both short-term and long-term demand for a safe, pure and healthy solution to disinfection worldwide."




SEPTEMBER 03, 2020

PopSugar | Article
Briotech's Pure HOCl is recommended by Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD in PopSugar.

Can Certain Face-Mist Ingredients Help Prevent COVID-19 Spread? We Asked a Derm
cientifically speaking, the novel coronavirus is still so new to us, so we're constantly receiving new information and best practices for controlling the spread of it. New
 research on the skin-care ingredient hypochlorous acid has people wondering if products containing it, specifically face mists, can help kill COVID-19 germs. In fact, a recent discussion popped up in the Real Reviews With POPSUGAR Beauty Facebook group surrounding the topic, so we reached out to board-certified New York City-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD, to clear up any confusion."





University of Washington, Bothell | Article



JULY 27, 2020

Shape Magazine | Article
Briotech's Pure HOCl is recommended by Dr. Michelle Henry, MD in Shape Magazine.

Hypochlorous Acid Is the Skin-Care Ingredient You Want to Be Using These Days
If you've never head of hypochlorous acid, mark my words, you soon will. While the ingredient isn't exactly new, it's become extremely buzzy as of late. Why all the hype? Well, not only is it an effective skin-care ingredient, delivering a litany of benefits, but it's also an effective disinfectant that even works against SARS-CoV-2 (aka the coronavirus). If that's not newsworthy, I don't know what is. Ahead, experts reveal everything you need to know about hypochlorous acid, and how to best use it in today's COVID-19 world.


What Is Hypochlorous Acid? "Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a substance naturally created by our white blood cells that acts as the body's first line of defense against bacteria, irritation, and injury," explains Michelle Henry, M.D., clinical instructor of dermatology at Weill Medical College in New York City.

It's commonly used as a disinfectant because of its powerful action against bacteria, fungi, and viruses and is one of the only cleaning agents available that's non-toxic to humans while still being lethal to most dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten our health, says David Petrillo, cosmetic chemist and founder of Perfect Image.

So it's not surprising that the extremely versatile ingredient is used in a number of different ways...Another expert-recommended option: Briotech Topical Skin Spray (Buy It, amazon.com). This can help speed up healing and protect your skin, says Petrillo. Dr. Henry adds that the tried-and-true effective formula is also lab-tested for stability and purity. "




JULY 22, 2020

EIN Presswire | Article
Coronavirus Breaking News: Briotech, Inc. announces National Laboratory results confirming Briotech HOCl inactivates the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus.

Briotech HOCl Inactivates SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19
"Briotech, Inc. announced testing resultsfrom the National Microbiology Laboratory of the Public Health Agency of Canada which confirm Briotech HOCl, Briotech’s proprietary formulation of pure, stable, and authentic hypochlorous acid, inactivates 99.96% of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus that causes COVID-19.


Briotech HOCl is composed of salt, water and HOCl and, unlike bleach or quaternary ammonias, does not require protective equipment, is not a skin or lung irritant, and unlike many competing products is non-flammable. Briotech HOCl is fragrance free, food contact safe, and requires no rinsing or wiping.

Briotech provides affordable solutions for home, office, recreation, or any public spaces. “Briotech HOCl has been proven effective against all types of pathogens and is one of the few products that has been shown to inactivate the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus. The results provide hope that we can limit the spread of pandemics. Through our BrioEarth charitable division we also work to bring this hope to vulnerable and disaster impacted communities,” said Rick Lockett, President of Briotech.

“Our Briotech HOCl was proven pure by Raman spectroscopy at the University of Washington. Briotech
HOCl’s unique, authenticated purity and effectiveness is recognized by medical and public health experts in publications in peer-reviewed journals and at international infectious disease conferences.” said Dr. Jeffrey Williams, PhD, BVSc, MRCVS, Briotech Chief Science Officer."




JULY 10, 2020

The Zoe Report | Article
Briotech's Pure HOCl is featured by Jessica Ourisman of The Zoe Project.

What is Hypochlorous Acid Used For? The Skincare Ingredient Could Help Fight Covid-19
Just like CBD skincare routines changed the game for sensitive skin types, hypochlorous acid boasts a laundry list of skincare benefits — like fighting acne, soothing eczema, healing wounds, improving scarring, and more — while boasting near universal tolerability for virtually all skin types. Beyond its skincare benefits, there is another reason we think that hypochlorous acid is the must-try skincare active of summer 2020, and it all boils down to COVID-19.

The global pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, run our businesses, and tend to our daily, personal hygiene (hand sanitizer, anyone?). So when the EPA registered hypochlorous acid as a COVID-19 fighting disinfectant, taking additional steps to ensure the availability of hypochlorous acid to consumers, our interest was piqued. "It appears to be virucidal in concentrations above 50 ppm," Dr. Kelly Killeen MD, a Beverly Hills-based double board-certified plastic surgeon, tells TZR. Improving our skin while protecting against COVID-19... honestly — what could be better?


Naturally, we had to know more. Read what the experts say..."




MAY 23, 2020

Woodinville, Washington | USA

Briotech's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jeff Williams, joins Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD, and Deborah Allen, RPh, on re-imagining life after COVID-19. They touch on how Briotech will play an integral role in the safe re-entry into every day life by using HOCl on your groceries, take-out, and a multitude of other applications.



MAY 21, 2020

The Zoe Report | Article
Briotech's Pure HOCl is recommended by Jessica Ourisman of The Zoe Project.

Ex-Pat Beauty Editor In Paris During COVID-19
"Statistics indicate that the vast majority of COVID patients do not become critical and many are able to recover from home; fortunately, Tom ended up being one of those patients. By the week of our flights, he was already completely recovered. We scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss safety while traveling (hint: layer your masks and look into a hypochlorous acid face mist from a brand like Briotech..."




APRIL 16, 2020

Woodinville, Washington | USA

CNN International features Briotech, Inc. in Connect the World with Becky Anderson. The Briotech Profile Feature was initially distributed on Thursday, 4/16, during a London broadcast, followed by R.O.S. through 12/17 to a worldwide television reach in excess of 300M HH's. The most recent re-distributions took place in over 100 Countries via CNN International as edited, shorter, Health & Science PSA versions.



MARCH 31, 2020

Woodinville, Washington | USA

Dr. Christine Schaffner of Sophia Health discusses Briotech's HOCl.


MARCH 16, 2020

Seattle, Washington | USA

Briotech's Chief Science Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Williams and Dr. Eric Rasmussen join Armstrong Williams for a 60-minute discussion on the Town Hall's Your Voice Your Future regarding the current Coronavirus pandemic.



FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Woodinville, Washington | USA

Washington State Representative, Congresswoman Susan DelBene, tours the new facility and discusses Briotech's growths and its impact on Washington State. 



NOVEMBER 29, 2019

Javits Convention Center | New York, USA

Briotech is selected for attendance at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Dr. Jeff Williams presents a poster on Briotech's findings on HPV16 and HPV18.


Introduction: High-risk human papillomaviruses (HPV 16 & 18) are causal agents of cervical, anal, and oropharyngeal cancers.1,2 Oral HPV infections and associated malignancies have increased alarmingly in recent years in the US, even as the rates of cervical cancer have begun to decline. Our previous studies using suspension and carrier tests demonstrated strikingly poor efficacy of common disinfectant agents in inactivating high-risk HPV (Table 1), 3 even with FDA-approved chemical sterilants, such as GTA and OPA. The potential for iatrogenic transmission in healthcare environments, including dental offices,  from inadequate disinfection practices has therefore become a concern. Risk potentials and prior efficacy determinations have commonly been based on outdated criteria or inappropriate test systems.

Objective: To establish the efficacy of pure, stable preparations of HOCl (from Briotech Inc.) in the inactivation of HPV 16 & 18. Our approach to quantifying inactivation depends on use of large amounts of authentic infectious virus, and well-established methods of replication and testing of high-risk HPVs.

Results: HOCl treatment contact times generally and quickly produced >99.99% reduction in infectivity of HPV16 and HPV18, comparable to the efficacy of 0.87% sodium hypochlorite. Exposure of cell fractions enriched by vector expression of L1 and L2 capsid proteins of BPV to HOCl for 30 seconds resulted in rapid aggregation of these and other extracted proteins on SDS PAGE gels.

Conclusion: HOCl is a highly effective disinfectant for HPV 16 & 18, even after contact times as short as 15 seconds. Rapid changes in capsid proteins may be responsible for this decline.

Significance: More than 70% of oropharyngeal cancers are caused by high risk HPV. Infection rates range from 3-10%,6 and while most are eventually shed, some persist to cause cancerous lesions. Effective inactivation of HPV on surfaces in the dental office can clearly be accomplished using HOCl solutions that are safe for  topical application to skin and mucosa. This raises the potential for HOCl use not only as a disinfectant for dental environments, but also for direct applications to oral and other tissues, e.g., as an oral rinse.



SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland | Europe

Dr. Craig Meyers, MS, Ph.D., (Department of Microbiology and Immunology, PennState Cancer Institute) presents an HPV abstract on Brio HOCl™ and its effectiveness against HPV16 and HPV18 at the International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control (ICPIC).


Introduction: High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV 16 & 18) are the causative agents of cervical, anal, and oropharyngeal cancers. Endocavitary ultrasound devices are used in healthcare facilities to examine the cervix, anal canal, and oropharynx; the three areas commonly infected by high-risk HPV. Our previous studies using suspension and carrier tests demonstrated poor efficacy of widely used hospital disinfectants, including GTA (2.4% and 3.4%) and OPA (0.55%) in inactivating high-risk HPV. The potential for iatrogenic transmission in the healthcare environment from inadequate disinfection practices has become an area of contention and discussion. Risk potentials have commonly been based on outdated criteria or inadequately performed studies. There is a need for effective, convenient chemical decontamination measures.

Objectives: To determine the efficacy of exposure to a pure hypochlorous acid preparation (from Briotech Inc.) for inactivation of HPV 16 & 18 using a validated approach based on treatment of high amounts of authentic infectious virus, and well-established methods of replication and testing of high-risk HPVs.

Methods: Infectious stocks of HPV16 and HPV18 were produced, titered, and infectivity-tested as previously described. Both suspension and carrier tests were performed with contact times spanning 15 seconds to 20 minutes. Following contact any remaining HOCl was neutralized using 0.1% Tween 80; 1% peptone; 1% cysteine; 0.5M Tris buffer (pH 7.5). Residual HPV was isolated and measured by our published infectivity methods.

Results: All HOCl treatment times produced >99.99% reduction in infectivity of HPV16 and HPV18, comparable to the efficacy of 0.87% sodium hypochlorite. Exposure of cell fractions enriched by vector expression of L1 and L2 capsid proteins of BPV to HOCl for 30 seconds resulted in rapid aggregation of these and other proteins on SDS PAGE gels.

Conclusion: HOCl proved to be a highly effective disinfectant even with short contact times, using the largest amount of mature infectious HPV16 and HPV18 possible. Rapid changes in capsid proteins may be responsible for the decline in infectivity. HOCl is not toxic on topical application to human skin and mucous membranes, raising the potential for its use not only as a disinfectant, but also in direct applications to human skin, oral and other tissues.



SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland | Europe

Dr. Lori Robins, Biochemist, Ph.D. (The University of Washington | Bothell School of STEM) presents the Briotech/UW Prion poster with Dr. Jeff Williams at the International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control (ICPIC).


Introduction: Infectious prion proteins cause neurodegenerative diseases in animals and humans including Mad Cow disease and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, respectively. They have been shown to be transmissible via contaminated instruments, tools, and environmental surfaces and require strong and often hazardous conditions (e.g., 20-40% bleach) for disinfection and sterilization. Recently, we showed that hypochlorous acid (HOCl) causes rapid and high-level inactivation of infectious prions. However, hypobromous acid (HOBr) is known to be more potent than HOCl against some microbes including the polio virus. Both of these hypohalous acids are produced in vivo in response to pathogens.

Objectives: We characterized solutions of HOCl and HOBr for direct comparisons against scrapie prions and Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Aspergillus niger.

Methods: HOCl and HOBr were characterized using analytical spectroscopy and spectrophotometry. The hypohalous acids were tested against scrapie prions using the real-time quaking-induced conversion (RT-QuIC) in vitro system.

Results: HOCl at pH 4 showed no detectable changes after storage for months at 22 °C, and had surprising tolerance to heat stress, even at 70 °C. In contrast, HOBr degraded within hours to form mixtures of aqueous bromine species. Scrapie prion inactivation was similar for both HOCl and HOBr. Both hypohalous acids were tested against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Aspergillus niger and the two differed demonstrably in their efficacies against the various microbes.

Conclusion: Therefore, occasions where shelf life and thermal stability are advantageous, HOCl would be the preferred disinfectant. Alternatively, HOBr tolerance of a wider range of pH conditions and superior efficacy against certain microbes may offer benefits in dealing with other decontamination challenges.



SEPTEMBER 11, 2019

London, England | Europe

Dr. Jeff Williams, Pathologist, Ph.D., BVSc, MRCVS (Briotech Chief Science Officer) by invitation, presents "Briefing paper on Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and its potential applications in international dermatology" with Dr. Lori Robins at The International Foundation for Dermatology in London, England.



JULY 03, 2019

Woodinville, Washington | USA
Briotech receives EPA Clearance for a multi-purpose surface sanitizer for use on hard non-porous surfaces — an antimicrobial formula and antibacterial sanitizer that prevents odor-causing mold, mildew and algae, and kills harmful bacteria.

EPA Registration No. 93108-1
Company No. 93108



MAY 01, 2019

Woodinville, Washington | USA
BRIOTECH's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jeff Williams, and Dr. Christine Schaffner of Sophia Health, present an educational webinar reviewing published studies and breaking down the research on utilizing all natural Hypochlorous Solution (HOCl) to address oral health, skin and other medical issues.



FEBRUARY 21, 2019

Woodinville, Washington | USA
BRIOTECH, Inc.’s facility has been audited by UL Registrar LLC and meets GMP requirements listed in RCP which is uniquely accredited by the National Standard Institute (ANSI) developed in accordance with applicable sections of the FDA’s code of federal regulations.

Certification Number:  i19-319198-1
Certification Number:  a19-319198-1
Certification Number:  m19-319197-1


JANUARY 01, 2019

Zippia.com | Woodinville, Washington

BRIOTECH INC. was awarded “Best Performing Companies In Woodinville” and number one in “Best Companies to Work For In Woodinville”.



OCTOBER 16, 2018

The Herald Business Journal | Article
UW Bothell’s continued partnership with BRIOTECH, to improve sanitation in developing regions of the world, leads to a grant from the National Institues of Health (NIH).

Chemistry Professor Causing Stink on Campus - For Good
"Lori Robins was awarded a $155,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to research how to reduce the foul odor in latrines.“Our goal now is to help people who need it most first," said Robins, an Issaquah native and University of Washington Bothell professor since 2013. "Toilets in developing countries, it’s a huge problem…Our approach is to get rid of the odor and make it more clean by inactivating viruses," said Robins, who has a doctoral degree in bioorganic chemistry. "Viruses that cause diarrhea, for example, can lead to death in developing countries because they don’t have a way to help with the illnesses." The UW Bothell research is a collaboration with Briotech, a small Woodinville company that manufactures hypochlorous acid for skin care.

"One of the things we figured out you can do with this product is control odor," said Briotech science officer Jeff Williams, a retired Michigan professor whose career focused on microbiology and infectious diseases. "It is such a big issue in many people’s lives. I was familiar with it in sanitation and latrines because I’ve worked in India, Africa and South America."

Williams said the university provides the brainpower and technology to study uses for the company’s product…The latrine project started over the summer and has funding for two years."




AUGUST 16, 2018

University of Washington Bothell | Article
UW Bothell research continues partnership with BRIOTECH to improve sanitation in developing regions of the world.

UW Bothell Working to Reduce Foul Odor of Latrines, Airing Issue in Global Sanitation
"BOTHELL, Washington — The University of Washington Bothell is helping develop a disinfectant to reduce the foul odor of latrines. More than a superficial air freshener, the goal is a product that would increase the use of pit toilets by making them less offensive. This could improve sanitation in developing regions of the world where defecation in the open air spreads disease.“This could be something that changes the world.” said Robins, a faculty member since 2013 in the Physical Sciences Division of UW Bothell’s School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.In work that began this summer, Robins’ research group hopes to show that the chemical spray can combat four stinky compounds in a latrine’s headspace. In addition, they hope to show the aerosol inactivates noroviruses responsible for gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea."


JULY 13-15, 2018


CJD Foundation Family Conference |  Washington, DC
NIH research results on BRIO HOCL™ are presented at the annual Creutzfeldt-Jakob Foundation Conference.

Investigation of Prions Inactivation by Reactive Oxygen Species in Vivo.


MARCH 01, 2018

18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases |  Buenos Aires, Argentina
BRIOTECH is invited by the International Society for Infectious Diseases to present our BRIO HOCL™ Prion Formula during their 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID).

This conference has a strong emphasis on the global burden of infectious diseases and we are proud to be attending and providing information on our unique HOCl formulations as an opportunity to challenge major issues with infectious diseases.



FEBRUARY 06, 2018

US Food and Drug Administration |  Silver Springs, Maryland
By Special Invitation, BRIOTECH Presents at the US FDA

High Level Inactivation of Prions and other Infectious Pathogens with Novel Preparations of Hypohalous Acids.



WINTER, 2017

University of Washington Bothell |  Article


SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

University of Washington Bothell | Article
Chemists at University of Washington Bothell continue the ongoing research of BRIOTECH’s BRIO HOCL™ Prion Formula.


Chemistry Researchers Advance Local Company
"University of Washington Bothell research chemists continue to help a small Woodinville company that expects to change the world of sanitizing and disinfecting. A year ago, chemistry students led by Lori Robins, associate professor in the School of STEM, helped the Briotech company prove that its product destroyed prions, the abnormal proteins behind mad cow disease and other neurological diseases. In addition to its (BRIO HOCL PrP Formula™) effectiveness against prions, the solution kills bacteria, fungus and viruses. It can safely sanitize surfaces or medical equipment, and it can protect produce and meat processing. For example, a mist in an apple warehouse might replace toxic methods of killing listeria and E. coli bacteria on fruit."