"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." — Gen. George S. Patton.



Briotech is proud to support the U.S. Government in its continuing efforts to protect the health and welfare of our warfighters and public servants. Our patented innovations in the field of non-toxic disinfectants are the safest and most effective method for eliminating the world’s most dangerous and hardiest pathogens, making Briotech the ideal member of any and every federal supply chain.


In addition to our groundbreaking technological advancements, Briotech has taken a proactive role to ensure comprehensive integration of all applicable FAR, DFARS, and EPA requirements into our enterprise business practices. Unlike the vast majority of other commercial suppliers, we have implemented a holistic approach to regulatory compliance that ensures all Briotech procurements are ready for government agency audit and review upon award.


Briotech manufactures its innovative and proprietary commercial off the shelf (COTS) line of products in the continental United States with domestically produced components. Briotech is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements applicable to the manufacture of pathogen disinfectants:


100% Buy American Act compliant (FAR 52.225-1)


 Unique Category-IV non-toxic disinfectant included on EPA List N with no hazmat, special containment, or training required to handle


 The only EPA List N Disinfectant that shares the basic formulation with an FDA Registered spray for topical, human use


Because Briotech uses a unique production process and component materials than other EPA List N Disinfectant manufacturers, Briotech is not subject to the types of supply shortages and surge support capability limitations that negatively impact our competitors.




Unlike any other business its size, Briotech keeps all product manufacturing in-house thereby reducing costs while simultaneously ensuring all quality standards are maintained throughout the production process.


And like everything we do, Briotech leveraged non-traditional approaches together with the latest technological advancements to create a revolutionary approach to manufacturing the best pathogen disinfectants in the industry. 


Traditional production plants (huge cost centers that waste both financial and natural resources) are a thing of the past. Instead, Briotech incorporates its innovative patented tech into a “modular manufacturing” process that ensures supply always meets demand without the need for inefficient and expensive facilities or warehouses full of unassigned inventory.


Briotech is also leading the industry in personalized production capabilities. Our customers can avoid shipping costs and constant “just in time” ordering (and enjoy additional volume discounts) by installing their own WHISH machine on premises for on-demand HOCl production.




Shop now or contact our sales representatives for more information regarding Briotech's trusted and effective EPA List N Disinfectant, and our suite of FDA Registered products.



In addition to maintaining strict regulatory compliance during the manufacturing and production process, Briotech has integrated contractor business system considerations within every phase of our sales, marketing, and delivery processes so government contractors at every tier are able to effectively and efficiently document Briotech procurements for immediate review and audit by a range of government agencies.


In particular, because of the unique and proprietary nature of our products, Briotech works as an active and cooperative partner in the non-competitive procurement process. Upon request, Briotech is pleased to provide the following support to our GOVCON customers:


A draft source justification in accordance with FAR 6.302- 1(b)(1)(i) and/or 6.302-1(b)(2).

A supplier assertion of commerciality documenting the COTS nature of Briotech products.


Briotech maintains pricing in various formats, including:

— Redacted invoices (FAR 15.404-1(b)(2)(ii)

— Parametric Price Lists (FAR 15.404-1(b)(2)(iii)

— Competitively Published Prices (FAR 15.404-1(b)(2)(iv))

— Competitive Discount Schedules (DFARS 252.244- 7001(c)(12))

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

Briotech is registered in sam.gov.

CAGE #7HN13, DUNS 070865668

— Releases under a long-term arrangement (LTA) with Briotech are exempt from all FFATA reporting requirements (FAR 52.204-10(a)).

Briotech will execute (sign and date) purchase orders exceeding $35,000 in total value (FAR 52.209-6; FAR 52.211-15; FAR 52.203-12).